See below for resources directly related to Direct Tap’s internal inventory management system.

New Item Setup Template – For new product coming into Direct Tap for inventory. Send to [email protected] once completed.

Web Portal How To Guide – Download the How To Guide to learn how to transfer stock into Direct Tap and place orders to your accounts, among other key transactions, in Direct Tap’s front facing web portal

Web Portal additional tips and tricks – learn how to view inventory in great detail and other tips on navigating the web portal.

Communication Archive

Archive of communications regarding Direct Tap’s internal system change

2021 Announcement – An overview of some of the key changes with Direct Tap’s internal system as they impact our distribution suppliers.

Part 1 – A look at Direct Tap’s Web Portal “WebLink”

Part 2 – System Integrations – How to connect to Direct Tap’s internal system

Part 3 – How To Get Shipments And Receipts Into Camelot

Part 4 – Doc 60s & Web Portal Updates

Part 5 – Direct Tap Workflow

Part 6 – Direct Tap Web Portal “How To”