Warehouse Policies

Label Standards

Label Types Label Examples Label Standards Barcodes Seasonal Shared SKU and Naming Conventions Label Types Carton Label Flat Label Keg Collar Label Keg Cap Label   Examples. Carton Labels Carton Labels are found on closed case goods that typically contain bottles. A carton label is placed on two sides of the carton and clearly identify […]


Direct Tap holds a warehouseman’s and motor vehicle cargo insurance in cases of extreme loss.This is provided at no additional cost.

Stale Date

Direct Tap practices FIFO warehouse procedures. Any product that has passed its best before or sell by date shall be returned to the Partner at the Partner’s cost. Handling fees will apply.

Inventory Counts / Cycle Counts

As part of Direct Tap’s standard service agreement, we conduct two full inventory counts and reconciliation per calendar year. If another count is requested, Direct Tap will charge for labour and administration, to be agreed upon by the partner, ahead of completion.

Claims and Damaged Product

CLAIMS All reimbursement claims must be submitted to our claims department at [email protected] within 60 days of the incident or order entry date. Any claims filed after the 60 day time period will not be approved for reimbursement.   DAMAGED & BROKEN PRODUCT Direct Tap ensures your product is handled with great care and respect, however, breakage […]

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