Order Direct powered by SalesLitre

Orders Page

 Under the Orders menu, there are options for List & Add List: Shows all current orders – Up to 200 The Status column will indicate the status of the delivery Entered: An order has been created Printed: Direct Tap has printed the invoice for order delivery Delivered: Direct Tap has successfully delivered the order […]

Logging In

Please login to Sales Litre at here from your computer or mobile device.      

How to create transfers

Transfers To Create a Transfer, go to the Transfer menu and select “Add” From there, you will be taken to the transfer creation page Pick the supplier (will only be able to select your company except in the case of agents who will be able to select their multiple suppliers) Source warehouse you can select […]

How to work with Inventory

Clicking on the Inventory tab will take you to the inventory page. This is where you will be able to view your active inventory in all 3 of Direct Taps warehouses.

Customers List & Add

Customers Under the Customers menu, there are options for List, Add, Territories, Customer Groups, List Customer Notes and New Customer Note.   List: Shows all customers that the winery / brewery / cidery / distillery has sold to You can use the filters to narrow your search then click “Set Filter” button In the search […]

Working with products

Products Under the Products menu, there are options for List Products, Add Product and Categories List Products: Shows the SKU’s available in the Sales Litre system Click on the “Action” drop down and select Edit to change SKU numbers, prices, etc. Click on the “Action” drop down and select Create Copy to input a new […]

Viewing reports

Reports Here is where you will be able to run your reports. Reports include: Inventory Sales Summary Sales Detail LDB Report Inventory Select your warehouse or all of them to pull a full inventory report with each SKU’s movement. Click on the warehouse tab sheet to see further details on orders and transfers. Sales Summary […]

Importing & Applying Keg Credits

In this video you will learn how to import your available keg credits and apply them to future orders placed into the system.

Order Direct powered by Saleslitre is the complete inventory and order management system.
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