Beverage Gas


Never go dry. weekly visits with check-ups.
No extra or hidden fees.

We have simplified the logistics even further. Delivery of your beverage gas is now available on the same friendly truck that brings your favorite craft beers & wines. Order by phone at 604-689-8277 or email below.


Frequently Asked

Is it the same quality of gas as what I currently have?
Yes, we offer the same high quality gas. Just an awesome new team to service you better.

What is your delivery fee?
Our delivery charge is a fee of $20.  This includes everything to do with drop off and pick up. There are no surcharges for handling hazardous materials, or fuel and energy fees. No hidden fees, just $20!

Do I need to sign a contract or put a payment down for the cylinders?
No, at Direct Tap we don’t like dealing with contracts. And let be honest neither do you. We do Charge a 15 cents/day cylinder rental.

How much is the rental fee for the cylinder and when do I get billed for this?
Cylinder rental is only 15 cents/day, and you’ll be charged for this at the beginning of every month.

How do I make an order?
Once you are set up in our system, you can place your order by calling our order desk at  604.689.8277 or emailing GAS@DIRECTTAP.COM

What are your order desk hours?
We will be taking orders Mon- Fri 9-5 over the phone if after hours leave a message, and you can email your orders in at anytime.

What is the cut off time to get my gas order in?
The cut off is before 2:00pm the day before we deliver to your neighborhood.

What days do you deliver?
Our delivery schedule is available online at We will be delivering gas while we deliver delicious craft beer and wine to your neighborhood.

What if I forget to order gas?
We are building a never go dry culture at Direct Tap.  We will conduct regular checks on your gas when dropping of product at your store.  If we grab an empty gas cylinder, our driver will ask if you would like an order put in. Then the DSR will contact the order desk to place an order on your behalf.
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What if I run out after 5pm, or on the weekend unexpectedly?
We have a 24/7 delivery but it’s done by a third party. The company is Dynamex, and they can be reached at 1.866.262.7554